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Support Questions To Ask Other Franchisees During Due Diligence

August 27, 2022 Stacey Riska Episode 16
What's Your Next?
Support Questions To Ask Other Franchisees During Due Diligence
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We're continuing on with the questions to ask franchisees during due diligence, and I'm going to ask Stacey three questions. She's going to answer as if she were a franchisee talking to another franchisee, looking at the current franchise that we run today. And she's also going to give you some perspective on why she feels. This is such an important question and maybe some add-on questions.

How does the franchisor provide ongoing support?

The franchisor actually has some good systems in place. They have a portal where you can go online and ask questions. You can put in a ticket if you're struggling in any area and you can categorize what you need help with and somebody will get back to you. So the importance of the question about asking about support is to understand where do you go when you have a question and we're always advising our candidates to understand, to get an answer right, to this question. Yes, you're buying a business in a box. That's what a franchise is, but what happens 3, 6, 9 months down the road? When you have a question or an issue, do you have a dedicated person you can reach out to and pick up the phone like us in our current franchise? Do you have to put it into an online portal and wait for somebody to get back to you? What does that timeframe look like? Do they positively help you resolve the issue? So there are a lot of ancillary questions around support, definitely make sure you get the answers too.

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